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Team USA Roster’s for the 2023 Pan American Championships


The 2023 Pan American Championships (PAC) will occur from March 27 through April 1, 2023, in Bariloche, Argentina. The USA will be represented with the maximum-sized team of 20 athletes — 10 male and 10 female weightlifters. The only other two countries with maximum-sized teams are host-country Argentina and Colombia. Check out the entire Team USA roster below:

2023 Pan American Championships Roster — Team USA

Jourdan Delacruz (Atlanta, GA) — Women’s 49kg
Hayley Reichardt (Leesport, PA) — Women’s 49kg
Danielle Gunnin (Monroe, GA) — Women’s 59kg
Taylor Wilkins (Sebastian, FL) —Women’s 59kg
Olivia Reeves (Chattanooga, TN) — Women’s 71kg
Kate Vibert (Atlanta, GA) — Women’s 71kg
Meredith Alwine (Altamonte Springs, FL) — Women’s 76kg
Mattie Rogers (Geneva, FL) — Women’s 81kg
Sarah Robles (Desert Hot Springs, CA) — Women’s +87kg
Mary Theisen-Lappen (Eau Claire, WI) — Women’s +87kg
Hampton Morris (Marietta, GA) — Men’s 61kg
Brian Reisenauer (Fargo, ND) — Men’s 61kg
Caden Cahoy (Jacksonville, FL) — Men’s 73kg
Ryan Grimsland (Lewisville, NC) — Men’s 73kg
Beau Brown (Colby, KS.) — Men’s 89kg
Nathan Damron (San Jose, CA.) —  Men’s 89kg
Wes Kitts (Knoxville, TN) — Men’s 102kg
Ryan Sester (Gresham, OR) — Men’s 102kg
Alejandro Medina (Miami, FL) — Men’s +109kg
Caine Wilkes (Indian Trail, NC) — Men’s +109kg

Six of seven active Team USA Olympians are part of the roster for the 2023 PAC: Delacruz, Kitts, Robles, Rogers, Vibert, and Wilkes. This is the highest number of American Olympic athletes on a team since the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

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Team USA Facts

Below are notable facts about the athletes that comprise Team USA, courtesy of USA Weightlifting:

Six of the athletes on the roster have previously medaled on the world stage: Alwine, Reeves, Reichardt, Robles, Rogers, and Vibert.
Four Team USA members are defending PAC champions in their respective weight categories: Morris, Reichardt, Robles, and Rogers.
Three-fourths of the roster has previously medaled at the PAC.

Those 15 athletes have collectively earned 126 career PAC medals.

Seventeen members have 56 previous PAC appearances combined.
Eleven team members are current American record holders.
For 13 athletes, the 2023 PAC represents their second Olympic qualifier for the 2024 Paris Games.

The 2023 PAC is the first Olympic qualifier for seven athletes: Alwine, Cahoy, Gunnin, Medina, Reisenauer, Theisen-Lappen, and Wilkes.

Team USA’s average age is 26.45.
This is the first time Theisen-Lappen and Robles will compete on the same team. They are the 2021 and 2022 PAC champions, respectively.
Rogers has medaled at seven straight PACs dating back to 2016.

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