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The Best Dip Belts On The Market


The dip, sometimes called the upper-body squat, is a favorite among lifters across many different disciplines — and for good reason. This ever-reliable exercise works your chest, shoulders, and triceps hard. For those who don’t know the exercise, it is usually done by holding yourself upright on dip bars, arms aligned with the body, and hands on the bars. The motion involves lowering until elbows just about break ninety degrees before pressing back up to the starting position; that’s one rep. Once body weight alone is easy to lift, you may be in the market for a dip belt.

Dip belts wrap around your lower torso, resting against your lower back, and have a chain or strap around the front that attaches to various weights like plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, or a willing partner. The array of dip belts available on the market is pretty expansive (with leather, nylon, neoprene, and other options), so let’s slowly lower ourselves into our top picks and rise up with the best one for you.

Best Dip Belts

Best Dip Belt Overall: Gymreapers Dip Belt
Most Comfortable Dip Belt: Hypeletics Weighted Dip Belt
Best Dip Belt With Chain: Gymreapers Dip Belt
Best Value Dip Belt: Gymreapers Dip Belt
Most Durable Dip Belt: Rogue Dip Belt

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Best Dip Belt Overall

Dip belts are a great tool for adding extra resistance to — you guessed it — dips. They can be used for more than that with the right design, and some are definitely more functional and comfortable than others. This one hits all the right notes, making it our top overall pick. Meet the Gymreapers Dip Belt.

Gymreapers Dip Belt

Not only is this dip belt tough, but it’s comfortable to wear too. Instead of pinching leather that most dip belts are made from, this belt is made from contoured neoprene with padding in the back for extra support under heavy weights. To hold the weight, Gymreapers has an adjustable, heavy-duty, 30-inch steel chain with an enlarged carabiner for easy clipping. Pick out your favorite color — Black, Red, or Ranger Green — and elevate your dip, pull-up, and chin-up game for about $39.99 before tax with free Prime shipping.

Gymreapers Dip Belt

Gymreapers Dip Belt

If you want both comfort and heavy-duty support in your dip belt, look no further than the Gymreapers Dip Belt. Available in three colors, Black, Red, and Ranger Green, this belt is made to last with contoured neoprene and back padding for comfort.

Who Should Buy the Gymreapers Dip Belt

Those who want their dip belt to last a long time. A steel chain and high-quality neoprene ensure this belt can stand up to heavy use.
Athletes who want an adjustable dip belt to accommodate those of different heights.
People who are keeping their budgets tight. This dip belt is reasonably priced, especially for its high-quality build.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Gymreapers Dip Belt

Those who prefer a leather dip belt will want to look elsewhere.
Anyone who doesn’t want the noise of a steel chain may want to opt for a fabric or leather-only option with no chain.
People who are very large or very small may not fit comfortably in this as it is a one-size-fits-most belt.

Reasonably priced and extra-padded for comfort, this dip belt features a heavy-duty chain for supporting max weight. Plus, it comes in an easily washable neoprene material. What’s not to like about this dip belt? If you’re in the market for one, we think it’s definitely worth your consideration.

Most Comfortable Dip Belt

Comfort is important when it comes to lifting gear, especially with dip belts. Nobody wants to feel their skin being pinched or scraped every set. This belt excels in comfort thanks to the placement of its dual carabiners and extra padding.

Hypeletics Weighted Dip Belt

On top of being a well-padded dip belt to achieve a level of comfort that could sway the decisions of athletes who intend to lift rather heavy, this dip belt is versatile. Hypeletics features two carabiners, one on either side of the hips, for added comfort and stability when weight is on the belt. This tough belt can hold up to 270 pounds of weight which is way more than most people will need. It has the capacity to double as a squat belt by using a carabiner to cinch the waist clips together. 

In addition to being a comfortable piece of gear, it has quite the waist range it can fit. Anyone with a waist over approaching 38 inches is still within range of what this belt can safely accommodate. Pick up your favorite of six different color options with options like Pink Camo and Desert Digital for about $34.99 before tax with free Prime shipping.

Hypeletics Weighted Dip Belt

Hypeletics Weighted Dip Belt

A reinforced high-grade neoprene belt with a 40-inch strap capable of supporting six Olympic sized plates. The soft padding is positioned intentionally to prevent the belt from digging into your sides.

Who Should Buy Hypeletics Weighted Dip Belt

Athletes with larger waists.
Those who want the versatility of a dip belt that can double as a squat belt.
Anyone who needs to emphasize comfort during their workouts.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Hypeletics Weighted Dip Belt

Athletes who have smaller waists and need a snug fit.
Those who want a leather dip belt.
Taller folks may want a dip belt with a shorter chain. This one is 40 inches long.

As is a pattern for a lot of the better dip belts on the market, this belt might struggle to comfortably sit on an athlete who has a smaller waist. If your waist is over 30 inches and you find a need to ease the pressure loaded from equipping plates to a dip belt, then this option should be in consideration for you.

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Best Dip Belt With Chain

There’s something old-school and satisfying about the rattling of chains and clanging of plates in a gym that feels cool. With this dip belt, you’ll have exactly that with a solid 30-inch chain to support heavy dips and pull-ups.

Gymreapers Dip Belt

The chain on this dip belt is made from steel and is 30 inches long — though you can adjust it with the oversized carabiner to nearly any length that suits your needs. Doing belt squats? Maybe you need it shorter for a better range of motion. Dips or pull-ups? Longer might be better to stabilize the plate with your feet more easily. Gymreapers made their dip belt comfortable too with padded and contoured neoprene around the back, which can help when you start adding a lot of weight. Choose from your favorite of three colors — Black, Red, and Ranger Green — for around $39.99 before tax with free Prime shipping. 

Gymreapers Dip Belt

Gymreapers Dip Belt

If you want both comfort and heavy-duty support in your dip belt, look no further than the Gymreapers Dip Belt. Available in three colors, Black, Red, and Ranger Green, this belt is made to last with contoured neoprene and back padding for comfort.

Who Should Buy the Gymreapers Dip Belt

Athletes who want an adjustable chain on their dip belt will like this pick.
Those who need to keep their fitness equipment on the more affordable side. This dip belt is priced well for its high quality.
People who are looking for different color options for their dip belt. You can pick from three here.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Gymreapers Dip Belt

Athletes who are looking for a versatile dip belt. This one is decently versatile, but there are others with more versatility on the market.
Those who are on a strict budget may want to look for some more bargain options or see if their gym has one they can provide for free to use. 
Anyone who wants a listed weight capacity. We suspect this belt can hold a solid amount of weight, but there isn’t a limit listed, so test at your own risk. 

This dip belt combines the old-school feel of a steel chained dip belt with the modern comforts of contoured, neoprene padding for an all-around superior product. Add some extra intensity to your bodyweight movements with the Gymreapers Dip Belt.

Best Value Dip Belt

When it comes to accessory equipment for the gym, you don’t want to spend a ton of money on specialty pieces like a dip belt. Purchasing a solid one that fulfills its purpose is usually sufficient. Sometimes that same economic choice is also a top-tier piece of equipment, like in the case of the Gymreapers Dip Belt.

Gymreapers Dip Belt

This dip belt is a premium-quality product at budget-level pricing. Whether you’re new to weighted bodyweight movements or an experienced pro, this belt can accommodate your needs. The heavy-duty, adjustable steel chain is 30 inches long and makes for a top-notch product. To further improve upon the classic dip belt design, Gymreapers includes padding and a contoured design around the back and sides of the belt for added comfort — especially during higher-rep sets or when the weights get heavy. Pick up your favorite color (Black, Red, or Ranger Green) for around $39.99 before tax with free Prime shipping, and you can get to making those gains. 

Gymreapers Dip Belt

Gymreapers Dip Belt

If you want both comfort and heavy-duty support in your dip belt, look no further than the Gymreapers Dip Belt. Available in three colors, Black, Red, and Ranger Green, this belt is made to last with contoured neoprene and back padding for comfort.

Who Should Buy the Gymreapers Dip Belt

Those who want to ball on a budget. This dip belt was seemingly made for it.
People who want premium features, but don’t want to pay a premium price. Padding, an adjustable chain, and a contoured fit are features we’d expect on belts double this price. 
Those who are just beginning to dabble in weighted bodyweight exercises and want to start off with a relatively inexpensive dip belt.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Gymreapers Dip Belt

Folks who might not yet be advanced or strong enough for adding extra resistance to bodyweight movements.
Anyone who is very tall may find the 30-inch chain to be too short for them to comfortably use.
Those who prefer to use leather or nylon dip belts.

The steel chain here is strong and thick, like most of our favorite lifters, and the belt itself is padded and ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort when pushing yourself with those heavy dips. For a belt that’s more on the budget side of the price spectrum, this dip belt has a ton of premium features.

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Most Durable Dip Belt

When you buy a piece of equipment for the gym, you want it to last a while, so you can get your money’s worth out of it. No one wants to replace their dip belt every year, and this belt has the ability to stand the test of time. Enter the Rogue Dip Belt.

Rogue Dip Belt

You may have seen this dip belt in competition use before at the CrossFit Games. It features a 30-inch, steel chain-link system and D-shaped carabiners, which allow for a higher load capacity, easier adjustments on the fly, and a tougher overall makeup. The belt itself is made from heavy-duty and durable nylon that’s three inches in the front and four inches in the back for better load disbursement. The weight rating on this dip belt is comically high at 29,400 pounds (you read that right). So it’s safe to say it can hold your extra weight for dips or pull-ups. It comes in Black and Yellow, and is priced right around $55 before tax and shipping.

Rogue Dip Belt

Rogue Dip Belt

The Hulk himself couldn’t break this dip belt with a massive 29,400-pound weight rating. That’s thanks to heavy-duty nylon and a 30-inch steel chain which attaches to two steel D-shaped carabiners.

Who Should Buy the Rogue Dip Belt

Athletes who need help with weight distribution for better comfort and balance. The four-inch width across the back helps in this department.
Folks who want supreme confidence in their dip belt. Not only was this dip belt used in the CrossFit Games, but its weight capacity is off the charts.
Those who like to be seen. The high-vis yellow option ensures no one will miss you crushing your reps.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Rogue Dip Belt

People who don’t like the rougher feel of nylon compared to neoprene.
Athletes who want color choices other than Batman and Construction Worker.
Those who are on a budget can find cheaper alternatives on this list.

This belt is built for one purpose — function — and it achieves that tremendously. It does this through high-quality and very durable materials, like nylon and steel, as well as expert construction. Anything from Rogue is expected to be of top-tier quality as that’s what the brand is known for. We don’t think you’ll find a more durable dip belt than this one from Rogue.

How We Decided Our Picks

The differences between dip belts and their attributes can influence their durability and comfort while lifting. Ultimately, the best dip belt should relieve any strain on your back while supporting the increase in weight. Here are some of the key features to look for when investing in your next dip belt.


There are many different materials that can make a good dip belt. Neoprene is breathable, which can be more comfortable depending on what you workout in. Leather is likely not to tear and withstand the test of time, but doesn’t breathe. Nylon is durable and may be more flexible under pressure.

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Chains vs. Straps

Most dip belts will be sold with either a chain or a strap, although there are other options like rope, bungees, or bands. Both chains and straps are serviceable and can bear similarly large amounts of weight. The main differences between the two is how they feel while lifting, which comes down to personal taste, and their length in regard to the dip belts they accompany. The length is important for maintaining proper weight distribution during a lift to ensure you feel comfortable and can maintain proper form.

What To Consider Before Buying

How’s Your Form?

Ensure you are completing dips with proper form using supported weight or bodyweight before adding weight with a dip belt. If your form is failing without any additional weight, attaching plates to a dip belt and performing the movement could lead to injury. Make sure you are strong enough and are close to form-perfect before investing in a dip belt.

Get a Feel For It

Once you have your dip belt, don’t rush right into the weight you think you can move. Try out different lighter amounts of weight on your dip belt before you perform the exercise to get a feel for how each weight amount stresses the dip belt and the pressure it exerts on your back, which should not be painful. If you experience pain with the dip belt on, remove the weight immediately and reassess.

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Be Mindful Of Weight Distribution

Dip belts are made to support additional weight, but the form of that weight is something you can change depending on the dip belt and your preferences. For example, if the weight distribution of a weight plate is less than desirable, you could try using a kettlebell or dumbbell instead. Just be sure that any weight is safely harnessed to the chain or strap before performing any exercises.

Final Word

Dip belts offer a way to overload exercises that would otherwise be limited by your bodyweight. They can be extremely useful, especially if you want to keep the intensity the same as your body weight decreases when dieting. Adding some extra resistance can mimic dips at a heavier weight to keep the intensity high. They come in lots of different materials from leather to nylon and neoprene, but they all serve the same purpose. Some have better versatility than others with adjustable chains and multiple connection points. Think through some of the ways you envision using this piece of equipment before making a final decision — it may save you from having to buy again shortly.

At the end of the day, dips are an exceptional exercise for building the triceps, shoulders, and chest. They should be a mainstay of your upper body training if your shoulders are healthy enough for it. A dip belt can help you add more weight to your lifts to further your gains and continue your progression toward a stronger upper body.


When should I use a dip belt?

Dip belts are used to add increased resistance, and thus increased intensity, to your workouts. They should be included in the beginning of your working sets and generally for lower reps to focus more on strength and hypertrophy. Ditch the belt and focus on bodyweight only for more endurance-based training in the higher rep ranges.

My gym already has a dip belt. Should I still buy my own?

That’s up to you. We can tell you that there are a ton more advantages than disadvantages to owning your own. You’ll never have to wait for someone to finish using it or wonder if the person before you wiped it down. It’ll also be the right size for you since you can measure your waist before ordering one. The only real downside is having to transport it to and from the gym.

I’m not strong enough yet to use a dip belt. What can I do to get there?

We have a guide to progressive overload, which can potentially help you make progress in pretty much any lift when done correctly. Bench dips are a great alternative to bodyweight dips until you can perform three to five repetitions with good form in a controlled manner. Just be sure to keep in mind that it takes time to progress and you’ll get there if you keep at it and work hard.

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