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The Massive Weightlifting Story You Never Heard About (with Seb Ostrowicz)


Today I’m talking to Seb Ostrowicz, founder and mastermind behind Weightlifting House. They’re a media company and equipment supplier dedicated to the sport of Olympic weightlifting. What started as a passion project became a full-time career for Seb, and he’s traveled to all corners of the globe to bring weightlifting to more people than ever. We talk about how the sport has changed in the past five years, from all-time world records to blockbuster-level organizational corruption, and where weightlifting might be headed next. Along the way, we find some common ground in our love for strength sports and talk about the people who have inspired us most on our journeys.

On this episode of The BarBend Podcast, host David Tao talks to Seb Ostrowicz about:

We Seb is the “people’s fan” (1:45)
Some of Seb’s favorite legacy battles from early 2010s weightlifting (4:30)
Early YouTube weightlifting and mythical feats that may or may not have happened (8:00)
Building a career in weightlifting media, and a chance meeting with Glenn Pendlay (11:30)
How has weightlifting changed in the past five years? (18:30)
Widespread allegations of corruption in international weightlifting (22:00)
Where Seb goes for his weightlifting news — including what you hear in person (24:20)

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