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The True Fitness OG (with Bobby Maximus)


Today I’m talking to Bobby Maximus, and it’s a fitness dream of mine. If you’ve never heard of Bobby, you should know he was one of the original fitness influencers online. He’s a former professional fighter and appeared on The Ultimate Fighter twice with more than a decade in between those stints, and we talk about those appearances in this episode. He’s a consultant to militaries and pro athletes. You name it, this guy has done it. We talk about his insane career, why he works out three times a day, and we also bust some pros and cons of that approach and fitness in general.


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In this episode of the BarBend Podcast, host David Thomas Tao talks to Bobby Maximus:

Why training is always up and down (2:55)
How an infomercial ab workout inspired Bobby’s early fitness career (6:00)
The early mixed martial arts days, before it went mainstream (10:10)
“Proving it to yourself” and returning to The Ultimate Fighter (13:00)
How fitness has given Bobby and his family “a pretty cool life” — and what does that have to do with Nickelback? (17:00)
Bobby’s fitness hero (20:30)

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