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Try Six-Time Figure Olympia Champ Cydney Gillon’s 3-Exercise Ab Workout


Bodybuilder Cydney Gillon has one of the most well-defined midsections in the IFBB Pro League. She’s utilized that conditioning to six consecutive Figure Olympia titles, including her most recent defense at the 2022 Olympia

Gillon has shown on social media time and time again that one can forge a shredded physique without much equipment. On May 9, 2023, she took to her Instagram page and published a video wherein she performed a three-movement ab workout. Check out the breakdown of those movements below.

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The Cyd Gillon Core Workout Routine

Here are the three exercises Gillon showcased in her Instagram video:

Foam Roller Crunches
Plank Knee Taps
Traditional Plank

While Gillon didn’t offer specific set and rep ranges for these movements, doing them with proper form and following the tips below could help improve abdominal strength and definition. 

Foam Roller Crunches

This foam roller crunch variation is terrific for ab strength because it helps maintain stability while allowing the spine to move into extension during the eccentric portion of the rep. Gillon moves through her full range of motion to train her abs in the fully lengthened position. 

Gillon mentioned the importance of proper neck placement, stating, “Make sure your [head] is properly supported, and you aren’t bending your neck versus using your abs.” 

Image courtesy of @vytamin_c on Instagram

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Plank Knee Taps

Plank knee taps are an active variation of a plank. To perform them, Gillon assumes a plank position and then lightly taps her knees to the ground before bouncing back to the starting position. This dynamic movement compels her to keep her core engaged.

As the Figure Olympia champ explains, “This variation is good if your hip flexors are zapped from leg day.” It doesn’t matter if Gillon just wrapped up a lower-body workout; she can still tag this exercise at the end of her session.

Traditional Plank

A staple in many ab workouts, Gillon performs planks with her forearms on the ground. This differs from the plank knee taps, which are performed with the hands on the floor.

Gillon advises not to shift forward while performing planks. Doing so biases the shoulders rather than keeping the brunt of the strain on the abdominals. Keeping the shoulders behind the elbows should cause a noticeable increase in core engagement. 

With these three exercises, Gillon keeps her midsection show-ready. Combine that with her cheat meal philosophy, and the recipe for how she became a six-time Figure Olympia champion is simpler than it seems.

Featured image: @vytamin_c on Instagram

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