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Watch Shaun Clarida Do FST-7 Training For the First Time with Hany Rambod


Two-time 212 Olympia champ Shaun Clarida dipped his feet into FST-7 (fascial stretch training) training with renowned bodybuilding coach Hany Rambod. Checkout the video uploaded to Rambod’s YouTube channel on March 26, 2023, wherein he walked Clarida through an FST-7 chest workout:

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Other elite bodybuilders like Men’s Physique competitor Jeremy Buendia and Men’s Open competitor Phil Heath have tried Rambod’s unique muscle-building training style. Their results while doing so are impressive; Buenida has won Olympia four times, and Heath is a seven-time Mr. Olympia

What Is FST-7 Training? 

Rambod’s FST-7 philosophy revolves around lengthening the fascia — which conceals the muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments — to stretch the muscles for a full contraction, increase their time under tension, and achieve more muscle separation. The focus is on mind-muscle connection rather than heavier weight and momentum. 

Shaun Clarida’s FST-7 Chest Workout

Here’s a breakdown of the FST-7 chest exercises Shaun Clarida performed:

Pannata Machine Incline Bench Press
Dumbbell Incline Flye
Panatta Machine Bench Press
Panatta Machine Dips
Cable Flyes
Triset: Cable Flye, Cable Press, Push Ups 

Panatta Machine Incline Bench Press 

For each rep on the Panatta machine incline bench press, Rambod had Clarida bring it down as far as possible and pause before pressing the weight back up. Rambod wanted Clarida to focus on the stretch on the eccentric part of the press.

[The Panetta incline press machine] isn’t a bar. Bring your arm back further because if it were a bar, it would stop. Take advantage of the machine for a better range of motion.

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Dumbbell Incline Flye

Clarida initially went too light on the dumbbell incline flye, so Rambod increased the weight. Rambod used a squat analogy: if the weight is too light on squats, it won’t be enough to force the lifter into the “hole” — the bottom of a squat — to get a full range of motion

Same thing with these flyes. Clarida’s going a bit too light. We want to go heavy enough to get more resistance so he can arch [his back] and feel the range of motion.

Rambod had Clarida arch his back, squeeze his chest, and supine the wrists slightly at the top of the reps to further contract his chest. 

Panatta Machine Bench Press Press 

Like the Panatta incline machine press, the Panatta machine bench press offers Clarida a greater range of motion. Rambod instructed Clarida to end the movement via slower tempo reps — five-second eccentrics. Rambod had Clarida conclude with partial reps to failure — light weight and high reps.

Panatta Machine Dips

The Panatta machine dip enables Clarida to bend forward while keeping constant tension on his chest. The machine can work on one side more than the other to help fix muscular imbalances. Clarida added partial reps and drop sets — dropping each set’s weight without breaks in between.


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Cable Flyes

To perform FST-7 training on cable flyes, Rambod moved his hands from low, mid, and high points. Clarida followed Rambod’s hands, adjusting the angle at which he was performing the flye. 

Following this unique protocol on cable flyes, Rambod aimed to exhaust every portion of Clarida’s pecs — upper, mid, and lower.

Triset: Cable Flye, Cable Press, Push-Ups 

Clarida concluded the workout with a triset of cable flyes, presses, and push-ups. He moved from one exercise to the next without rest before finishing with some chest posing

Throughout the workout, Rambod had Clarida flex his chest, holding the stretch and driving his arms forward between sets to contract the chest more. Rambod calls these “flex sets,” putting Clarida in a “most muscular” pose followed by a decline pressing motion for additional time under tension for more muscle growth and separation.

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