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Watch WWE’s Rey Mysterio Push Sheamus Through His “619” Chest Workout


Episode 131 of WWE Superstar Sheamus’ “Celtic Warrior Workouts” on YouTube was unique, as the Irish brawler was joined by a high-flying legend of the squared circle, Rey Mysterio. This iconic luchador has wowed pro wrestling fans for over 30 years, paving his entrance to the WWE Hall of Fame in April 2023.

At 48, Mysterio remains lean and agile in the ring, and his training style has continuously evolved to stay at the top of his game. As he’s matured, Mysterio has swapped heavier weights for supersetting lighter weights with increased rep volume. That shift places less pressure on his joints, allowing him to stay injury-free and remain one of WWE’s most valued and enduring performers. Check out Mysterio’s chest workout in the video below:

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Rey Mysterio’s “619” Pec Deck Chest Workout

Here is the workout, filmed on location at Iron Society Strength and Fitness in Fort Wayne, IN, followed by a session breakdown. 

Warm Up



Supersets with 60 seconds rest time between each set of:

Low Cable Chest Flye + Seated Dumbbell Incline Press: 5 x 15
Hammer Strength Incline Press + Unassisted Dip: 5 x 15

The “619” Finisher

Dumbbell Push-Up: x 6
Plank: One minute
Dumbbell Push-Up: x 9

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619 Workout Breakdown

Mysterio loosens up via stretching before beginning the workouts. He advised that others do whatever feels comfortable regarding stretching. Having undergone 14 surgeries on his left knee, the ring veteran pays special attention to his knees when warming up.

Superset: Low Cable Chest Flye + Seated Dumbbell Incline Press

Cable crossovers are a staple of many chest workouts, and there is good reason to include low cable flyes. Pulling upward from the ground, the low cable flye has a different range of motion from the typical midrange crossover, biasing the upper fibers of the pecs. Cable machines can increase muscle strength and size with controlled resistance that does not ease up at any point throughout the range of motion — a common flaw of free weights.

Make sure you get a good squeeze.

Next, Mysterio hits the seated dumbbell incline press. This press builds the pectoralis major, biasing the upper chest, thanks to the incline. Mysterio retracted his shoulders to brace the press to ensure he focused the tension on the target muscles.

With only 60 seconds of rest between each superset, the cardio aspect of the workout kicked in. Both wrestlers breathed heavier as they furthered into the workout. “I feel good; my chest is pumped,” Sheamus said. “It’s not heavy weight, but [with] so many reps, [my chest is] full of blood.”

The WWE superstars enjoyed that the workout allowed for modifications. The workout can be scaled for those who need more rest or fewer sets. Sheamus recommended adjusting the workout as necessary to meet you where you are fitness-wise.

Hammer Strength Incline Press + Seated Dumbbell Incline Press

The Hammer Strength incline press was next, paired with unassisted dips. Dips are primarily executed by the triceps and shoulders but recruit the lower portion of the pecs depending on the angle of the dip. High-rep hypertrophy training builds muscle due to metabolic stress, which can improve muscle endurance and fatigue resistance.


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The “619” Finisher

Named after Mysterio’s signature “619” wrestling move, the WWE duo finished with a combination of dumbbell push-ups book-ended by planks. Mysterio’s muscles shook, demonstrating that the high-flyer was fully engaged. When Sheamus took his turn, Mysterio pointed out an excellent modification to lessen the challenge of the dumbbell push-ups: put the knees on the floor.

“At the end of the day, everything’s a struggle in life,” Mysterio said after the workout. “If you dedicate yourself…you just have to be consistent. You have to put in the effort, and no one is going to do it for you. You have to do it for yourself. Make yourself a priority.”

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