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WWE Superstar “The Miz” Takes Sheamus Through His “MizFit” Chest, Back, and Abs Workout


In episode 129 of YouTube’s “Celtic Warrior Workouts,” hosted by WWE Superstar Sheamus, the former WWE Champion met up with fellow grappler “The Miz” (real name: Michael Mizanin) to dive into an intense chest, back, and abs session.

The Miz, who first shot to fame on MTV’s The Real World: Back to New York, was one of the first reality stars to establish themselves as a respected professional wrestler — but when he entered WWE in the early 2000s, he explained to Sheamus that it was “a big man’s game.” To keep up, he spent most of his time bulking and lifting as heavy as possible.

Now at 42 years old, the WWE veteran is focused on training for function and longevity after a 20-year career. But that doesn’t mean his sessions are any less intense, as you’ll see below.

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The Miz’s “MizFit” Workout for Chest, Back, and Abs

This workout was filmed on location at Miz’s home gym in Los Angeles, and the WWE duo focused on training back, chest, and abs in a single session. To make efficient use of their time, the duo utilized giant sets throughout. Think of giant sets like supersets, but, well, bigger, encompassing three or more exercises consecutively without any rest in between.

Here are the exercises in this workout, followed by a breakdown of each giant set group.

The Workout

4 Giant Sets of Each:

Kadillac Bar Bench Press: x 8
Dumbbell Row: x 10-12 (on each side)
Landmine Oblique Twist: x 8-10 (on each side)

3 Giant Sets of Each:

Iso-Lateral Incline Dumbbell Press: x 10 (on each side)
Pull-up: To failure
Ab Trainer: x 10

3 Giant Sets of Each:

Lateral Pulldown: x 8-10
Diamond Push-Up: x 3
Wide Push-Up: x 3
Standard Push-Up: x 3
Single Leg Push-Up: x 3 (on each side)
Clap Push-Up: x 3
Sled Push and Sled Pull

Workout Breakdown

Here’s a closer look at the workout, broken down by the three giant sets used throughout.

Giant Set 1

The first giant set batch included the bench press, dumbbell rows, and landmine oblique twists.

For the bench press, The Miz opted for a Kadillac bar from Kabuki Strength. This is an arched, multi-grip bar, similar to a Swiss bar, that allows the user to bench with a neutral grip in a variety of positions.

Next up were the dumbbell rows. The Miz picked up a 100-pound dumbbell and completed the sets comfortably. As an advocate of keeping things moving, he took little rest time between exercises, instead choosing to motor through each move. This approach also benefits his cardiovascular training.

“After you’re done, you’re out of breath,” The Miz says. “That’s the whole story, like when you just do bench press, you’re not out of breath. I like to get out of breath; [I] like my heart pumping the entire time.”

Giant Set 2

For the next batch of giant sets, the duo performed iso-lateral incline dumbbell presses, pull-ups, and worked on an abs machine.

The iso-lateral dumbbell press is a classic mass builder that works the upper pectorals and shoulders. By training one side of the body at a time, lifters can improve imbalances and shoulder stability 


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After that, The Miz then went straight into pull-ups, where he completed nine solid reps in his first set, three in the second set, and two (and a half) in the final one. Sheamus, who weighs around 267 pounds, managed an impressive three reps in the first set, four reps in the second, and another four in the final set.

Next, the pair did some abs work on a machine that Miz said he just built that week just for Sheamus. 

Giant Set 3

“This one sucks,” The Miz joked as they headed into the final giant set. This one involved seven exercises, beginning with lat pulldowns with handle attachments fixed to the bar.

“I always keep my back straight,” Miz commented. Bringing the grip lower means that neither The Miz nor Sheamus need to stand in order to reach the bar or change the weight.

After a series of push-up variations, the duo capped off their workout with a sled push and pull.

“I’m shocked at how tough this workout is,” an exhausted Sheamus said at the end of the video. “I was not expecting this, but there’s a reason [The Miz] is one of the most driven people, not just in our industry but in the bleeding world.”

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