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WWE Superstars Bayley and Sheamus Train for Explosive Strength in This Full-Body Workout


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Bayley (real name: Pamela Rose Martinez) recently celebrated 10 years with the company, during which she has amassed millions of fans with her wrestling ability. Her commitment to the constant required travel of the company’s hectic schedule is matched by her motivation to stay physically strong.

Bayley joined fellow WWE Superstar Sheamus on his Celtic Warrior Workouts YouTube series to show off the full-body workout she utilizes to stay in shape year-round. Check it out below:

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Bayley’s “Ding Dong” Full-Body Workout

Below are the exercises included in Bayley’s “Ding Dong” workout, which is named after her WWE character’s catchphrase at the time of this article’s publication:


Foam Roller Stretching
Ladder Work


Speed Trap Bar Deadlift + Dumbbell Snatch: 4 x 5 (deadlift), 4 x 3 (snatches, each side)
Farmer’s Carry + Box Jump: 3 x 10

The Finisher

Sled Push

Workout Breakdown

For a more in-depth look at the routine, here’s a full breakdown of the workout.

Foam Roller Stretching

The WWE duo loosened up with leg stretching on the foam roller. This is an SMR (self-myofascial release) technique, which studies suggest can help reduce muscle stiffness after just three consecutive days of use. (1) Though they’re using the rollers to warm up before the workout, they can also be used as a cool down.

Ladder Work

Bayley and Sheamus executed different step variations with the horizontal ladder to work on their speed, agility, and coordination. Bayley illustrated that practice makes perfect as she darts across the ladder, but Sheamus lagged behind due to his inexperience.

Speed Trap Bar Deadlift

Superset the deadlifts with the dumbbell snatches. Instead of going heavy on speed trap bar deadlifts, Bayley suggested finding a comfortable weight that allows you to concentrate on explosiveness during the concentric portion of the lift.

Normally, when you do deadlifts, it’s all strength and everything, but this is all speed.

There’s no ego lifting between Bailey and Sheamus, and they suggested working with a relatively comfortable weight. Bayley wrapped a resistance band around the barbell and stands to increase the tension at the top of the lift.

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Dumbbell Snatches, Farmer’s Carries, & Box Jumps

Squat down, same position you would for the deadlift,” Bayley explained, grabbing a dumbbell with one arm and driving it over her head. She noteed that a straight back is important for this snatch variation.

Try to use your whole body, not just your arms, to push it up,” she says. “Like you’re using your hips to shoot it up.

Superset the farmer’s carries with box jumps. Bayley led the way next as the pair works on their grip strength with kettlebell farmer’s carries. Instead of taking a linear path, Bayley upped the difficulty by making use of a nearly empty gym. They walked around the space, weaving in and out of cardio machines and squat racks until they return to base.

Bayley designed these rounds of box jumps so that the height increases after the first set. They pushed the height so far that they adjust the number of reps to three in the second and third rounds.

This workout was impressive for Bayley as she is recovering from a torn ACL she suffered in 2021. She has since doubled down on leg work to increase her strength and stability, and incorporates higher intensity exercises into her routine, as advised by her trainer. Despite having surgery just over one year ago, Bayley looks like she hasn’t missed a beat. 

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The Finisher: Sled Push

Though the duo hates sled work, they couldn’t resist braving the snow outside to make things more interesting. They each pushed the sled up and down the wintery terrain for this finisher while the other one stood atop the sled. Bayley raises the stakes and declares whoever finishes with the slower time has to make snow angels. 

The multi-time WWE women’s champion had no problem moving Sheamus, and she completed her turn in 140 seconds. Of course, running on snow makes for challenging footing, and Sheamus hit an obstacle that brought him to a standstill. The former WWE World Heavyweight champion placed behind Bayley, making it time to settle a bet of snow angels in his boxers.

The WWE tough guy laid himself down in the white, fluffy snow and hit 20 textbook reps of snow angels. As Sheamus hit the shower, Bayley revealed that she had loaded Sheamus’s sled with kettlebells to ensure victory. In the wrestling business, that’s called a “rib” and a smart, workout-winning strategy.


Macgregor, Lewis J., Fairweather, Malcolm M., & Bennet, Ryan M. The Effect of Foam Rolling for Three Consecutive Days on Muscular Efficiency and Range of Motion. Sports Medicine- Open. 2018; 4(26)

Featured Image: @wwesheamus on Instagram

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