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WWE Superstars Shotzi and Sheamus Test Endurance and Flexibility With This Full-Body Stretching Workout


Episode 126 of WWE Superstar Sheamus’ “Celtic Warrior Workouts” on YouTube sees the Dublin, Ireland native kicking his training into full gear ahead of WrestleMania 39 in Hollywood on April 1-2, 2023.

The fighting Irishman is set to square off against Drew McIntyre and Gunther in a Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship. Eager to prep without overtaxing his muscles, Sheamus joins fellow WWE grappler Shotzi Blackheart (real name: Ashley Urbanski) for a full-body stretching session designed to work on flexibility without heavy weights. Check it out below:

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Shotzi’s “Ballsy” Pregame Workout

Here is the workout, filmed on location at T-Mobile Center’s gym in Kansas City, MO:

90-90 Hip Switches Into a Pelvic Thrust and Lunge: 1 x 5 on each side
Frog Pose Stretch: 1 x 5
Hamstring Stretch: 1 x 5 on each side
Lunge and Twist: 1 x 5 on each side
Half Pigeon: 1 x 10-15 seconds on each side
Cradle the Baby: 1 x 10-15 seconds on each side
Downward Dog Into Squat Hold: 1 x 10-15 seconds
Resistance Band Pull-Apart + Over the Shoulder Pull-Apart: 2 x 10
Resistance Band TKE Stretch: 1 x 10 on each side (Hold for 3 seconds)
Wall Sit: 60 Seconds
Resistance Band Crab Walk: 1 x 10 steps on each side
Frankenstein: 1 x 10 steps on each side
Ladder Work

The Finisher: Core Work

Double Tabletop Crunch: 1 x 13
Starfish Crunch: 1 x 13
Plank Toe Touch: 1 x 13 
Plank Knee-to-Elbow Touch: 1 x 13
Bicycle and Split: 1 x 13
Scissors: 1 x 13

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Workout Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of the moves the two performed throughout the workout.

90-90 Hip Switches Into a Pelvic Thrust and Lunge

Shotzi likes to train intuitively in the gym based on how she feels on a particular day, so the number of reps that she attempts may vary.
The range of motion in this series of moves works the glutes and hips and helps Shotzi loosen her stiff lower back. The move requires coordination and balance, so beginners should work slowly to nail the form.

Frog Pose Stretch

Shotzi and Sheamus stretch their hips further via a version of the frog pose. This variation involves kneeling on all fours, elbows to the floor, and slowly rocking back and forth to work the hips. For rep range, Shotzi says, “just do what feels good.”

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Hamstring Stretch

Shotzi kneels with her opposite foot planted firmly on the ground and rocks back and forth, making sure to get a full stretch with each rep. These types of stretches are taught to wrestlers as they come through WWE’s Performance Center as a means of aiding their longevity in the ring. The years of wear and tear in the ring and on the road make stretching essential to their routines.

Lunge and Twist & Half Pigeon

Adding a twist after the lunge fires up the stabilizing muscles, in addition to working flexibility. This move calls for five reps with full extension throughout. Shotzi notes the elbow should be flush with the floor before twisting. 

The half pigeon is beneficial for lengthening the hips and surrounding muscles. It can reduce pain for professional wrestlers and serve gym-goers who need to improve their flexibility

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Cradle the Baby

Cradle the baby is a popular yoga pose designed to open the hips. This move involves cradling one’s leg and bringing their foot toward the chest. Shotzi guided Seamus

Don’t…force anything. The half-pigeon transitions seamlessly into the cradle pose. Do them back-to-back for 10-15 seconds each.

The Irish icon, who has a history of lower back problems, is not as flexible as Shotzi, but was keen to give each move his best effort.

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Downward Dog Into Squat Hold

This move starts as a traditional downward dog yoga pose. Shotzi walks her feet forward, and squat holds for 5-10 seconds for eight reps. (Be sure to watch the video at the top of the article for a full breakdown of the move.)

This’ll help strengthen that lower back and the hips…a really good stretch.

Sheamus digs deep and adds a side-to-side motion for even more of a stretch as he holds his squat.

Resistance Band Pull-Apart, With Over-the-Shoulders

It’s unsurprising that years of taking bumps — wrestling’s term for landing on the mat or floor — in and out of the ring has led to shoulder issues for both competitors. Shotzi adds resistance band training into her routine to help strengthen her joints without utilizing heavy weights.

The traditional resistance band pull-apart is a safe, low-impact exercise that allows Shotzi to focus on her shoulder mobility. She combines that with over-the-shoulder stretches. These moves can be included in most existing routines.

Terminal Knee Extension (TKE) Stretches

This terminal knee extension (TKE) stretch involves wrapping one end of a resistance band around the knee and the other end around a fixed piece of workout equipment. Shotzi straightens her knee as much as possible, working against the force of the band. She holds that position for three seconds for sets of 10.

“My knees are, like, always angry,” Shotzi says. “But this [move] always gets it back in line.”

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Wall Sit

Shotzi says the wall sit is a great move for knee alignment. She uses this exercise as part of her pre-match ritual. She holds the sit for one minute before heading out to the ring.

“Stuff like this is mad because there’s no weight at all,” Sheamus says, reflecting on how great it is that they are being tested without ever picking up a barbell.

Resistance Band Crab Walk and Frankenstein

Shotzi demonstrates great flexibility as she completes her resistance band crab walk and moves into the Frankenstein walk. To make the crab walks more challenging for the Celtic Warrior, Shotzi places three resistance bands around Sheamus’s calves.

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The form for the Frankenstein walk is relatively simple. Shotzi kicks her leg up toward her outstretched hands as she steps across the gym. The goal is for the toes to touch the fingers.

Ladder Drills

Shotzi fires up “Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen, and the WWE duo embarks on a variety of ladder drills throughout the song’s five-minute duration, including side-to-sides and hops. This is designed simply to loosen up the muscles and get Shotzi warmed up for her match.

The Finisher: Core Work

Sticking with a musical theme, Shotzi laid on some ABBA for her “ABBA Abs” finisher. Working out to the song “Gimme! Gimme! Gimmie! (A Man After Midnight),” the routine involves a series of crunches, toe touches, and scissor kicks for sets of 13. It might not look like a lot of reps, but Sheamus recognized how it adds up:

My stomach’s on fire. This stretching stuff is tough.

The final move of the finisher is a plank that the two hold until the ABBA classic concludes. Though Sheamus wanted a casual warm-up session before his big match, he ended the workout in a pool of sweat.

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Featured Image: @Sheamus on Instagram

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