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YouTuber Mr. Beast Shares His Weight Loss Transformation


If you spend any time on the internet, you’ve probably spent a good amount of time on YouTube. If you’ve ever spent any time on YouTube, you’ve probably heard of one of its most popular creators, MrBeast. He has a jaw-dropping 163 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which features a variety of content from MrBeast hiring an assassin to try and kill him to hosting a real-life competition show based on the hit Netflix series Squid Game.

One theme that perpetually influences MrBeast’s channel is big money. Many of the videos he creates revolve around a high-cash figure, such as “Offering People $100,000 to Quit Their Job” and “Ages 1-100 Fight for $500,000.” However, one area where money isn’t at the forefront is MrBeast’s recent weight loss journey.

On June 29, 2023, MrBeast shared before and after photos of his physique to his 38.6 million followers on his Instagram page. The transformation reveals a significant amount of weight loss that MrBeast credits to lifting weights and walking an astonishing 12,500 steps per day. Check it out below:


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Although MrBeast did not disclose any further specifics about how he lost so much weight beyond crediting his coach, Paraskevas Kaltsas, there is much to be said about the fundamentals of consistently hitting the gym to perform resistance training (i.e., lifting weights) and upping energy expenditure via long walks to achieve a calorie deficit.

A meta-analysis of 149 studies in Obesity Review found that “exercise led to a significant weight loss, fat loss, and visceral fat loss,” and more specifically, “resistance training reduced lean mass loss during weight loss.” (1) More research is needed to determine the most effective training modalities for fat loss.

Still, one thing is for sure, calories in versus calories out is kingif one burns more calories than they consume, they will lose weight — and 12,500 steps per day is a reliable means of burning calories. A calorie deficit alone will result in weight loss over time, depending on how steep the deficit is. However, the weight loss is “significantly more pronounced” when combining walking with diet, per a 12-week randomized control trial in The Journal of Nutrition. (2)

Perhaps MrBeast’s next YouTube video will document his weight loss journey. Who says lifting weights in the gym or walking steadily outside can’t be as glamorous as a billion-dollar yacht?


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Featured Image: @mrbeast on Instagram

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